Look me in the eyes square scarf


Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Doesn’t matter what the season is because you can wear silk scarves all year long! A silk scarf is a must-have and as such it has to be part of your wardrobe! Silk is thermoregulatory! Perfect to keep you warm when it’s cold or keep you cool when it gets hot.

Be glamorous by styling your scarf in your hair, be charming wearing it around your neck or as a belt, be elegant hanging it around your bag’s handles. These are just a few of the many ways to wear your silk scarf with style. The dimensions are 69cm x 69cm.

These silk scarves, 100% designed and made in Greece, are made of “silk organza” (a plain weave, thin and light). We ship them in a cute storage bag in cotton (our way to avoid plastic packaging!). You can use it to store your scarf.

Choose the silk scarf that will best define your mood and enjoy it!

Take a look at our collection of bags! You will discover some matching patterns!


do not use petroleum solvents

The eye-like symbols are widely spread in the mediterranean culture. In Greece, they already existed in ancient times, as for example on either side of vessel’s bow. The idea is to use the eye symbol as a talisman or amulet to protect against the evil eye (in Greek μάτι, mati). The evil eye is not necessarily given by someone wishing you harm but it also can be the result of admiration! So, some Greeks prevent the evil eye by saying (in Greek φτου, ftou) after complimenting you, for the evil eye not to affects you. Now, no need to believe or not in this tradition to love this colourful pattern.



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