cute fridge magnets


Here are my 7 different "Cute fridge magnets"

1. Donkey
2. Goat
3. Cat
4. Hotel
5. Building
6. Red phone
7. Tsarouchia

These round magnets are fun to hang up on your fridge, magnetic memoboard, or any metallic surface that attracts magnets...! The front and back shells are metallic and the magnet (small but strong neodymium magnet) is inside the two shells, so it is not visible. The front face is recovered by a matte laminated paper, the size is 3.5 cm diameter.

Handmade and designed in Greece!

I send the magnets in a bubble wrap envelope (to protect them and the shipping cost is not excessive).

Precaution : As all magnets keep them away from (floppy disks, magnetic cards, magnetic tapes, all electronic devices (as mobile phones, watches, etc etc), it may interfere with normal operation or lead to malfunction.

Designed and made in Greece with much ❤️


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