Leda and the swan silk pareo


Wow! It’s holidays season! You are relaxed and your skin has this so nice sun tan glow! In one word, you’re just beautiful!

A pareo is a must-have and as such it has to be part of your summer wardrobe!

Walking along the beach? Drinking a cocktail at the beach bar? Relaxing on your beach towel? These are just a few of the occasions and of the many ways to enjoy your pareo with style. Wear it as a dress, tie the pareo in front of your chest like a strapless dress; or simply wear it like a long or short skirt! The dimensions are 100cm x 140cm.

Our silk pareos, 100% designed and made in Greece, are made of “crêpe georgette”. It’s characteristic crinkly surface is created by alternating S and Z-twist yarns in both warp and weft. These pareos are lightweight and have a unique transparency. We ship them in a cute storage bag in cotton (our way to avoid plastic packaging!). You can use it to keep your pareo from the daily dust.

Choose the pareo you will love and enjoy your summer!

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do not use petroleum solvents

Leda (in Greek Λήδα) was an Aetolian (a mountainous region of Western Greece) princess who, by marrying the King Tyndareus, became a Spartan queen and the mother of three very known characters of Greek mythology. Another incredible myth from the ancient time! It goes like that : Zeus, king of Gods, admired and, mostly desired Leda. He decided to hatch a plan to get her without anyone knowing. To that end, he guised himself as a swan and fell into the arms of Leda for protection from a pursuing eagle. It resulted in consummation (don’t ask me how… this is mythology… ). This act led, in the same night, to two eggs! In one of them was Helen (who will became Helen of Troy) and in the second one, the twin-brothers Castor and Pollux.

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