Mini fabric purse Tsarouchia


This cute mini fabric purse "tsarouchia" has a zipper and its dimensions are roughly (it’s handmade!) 10cm x 10 cm! You can used it for carrying your money, your credit card, your keys or what ever is small. It's tiny but handy to take it with you in your pocket or to put it in another bag!

Our patterns are printed on a 100% polyester canvas that makes the purse strong and steady. All our purses are fully lined with a 100% cotton fabric.

There is also a maxi version (15cmx15cm) of this purse on my site!

Take a look at our collection of fabric bags . You will discover some matching patterns!


You can machine wash your purse at 30° or by hand
Wash it alone or with similar colors
No bleach, No tumble, No ironing
I drew this pattern inspired by folkloric greek arts, intent on recreating this so special feeling you have when spring is coming and everything is brighter and cheerful. This pattern is a poetic ballad with swallows flying around the whitewashed village in a joyful dance, with pelicans wandering in small alleys leading to the port and colourful ships waiting for their passengers. It’s springtime, animals are strolling outside, flowers are blooming and the sun is warming up announcing the coming summer!



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