My little Greek village cushion


Put a little bit of Greece in your decoration and bring happy vibes in your home. These colourful cushion covers with their grapes of cotton fringes at each corner made of 100% polyester canvas, are steady & resistant!


You have a choice of four sizes and two colours to create a beautiful composition!


Square COVERS: 35x35cm, 40x40cm, 50x50cm


Rectangle COVERS : 32x50cm


You can buy only the cover cushion if you wish, or the cover & the insert (siliconised fiberballs/microfiber cushion) together.



You can machine wash your cushion cover at 30° or by hand
Wash it alone or with similar colors
No bleach, No tumble, No ironing
for the insert cushions : 
You can machine wash your insert cushion at 30° or by hand
and let it dry flat
No bleach, No tumble, No ironing
I drew this village pattern in tribute to the Cycladic islands because I’m really in love with them. Contrasting with the deep blue of the Aegean sea, the white villages of the Cycladic islands are their signature. Their minimalistic & so characteristic architecture charm you at first glance! I invite you to have also a look at my paintings & prints to see greek villages & landscapes (painting section)
This Cycladic archipelago of 33 major islands (and countless islets) is situated in the Aegean sea. In Greek (Κυκλάδες), the name Cyclades means encircling island, and this is it, as they formed a rough circle  around the sacred island of Delos (in Greek Δήλος), birthplace of Artemis (in Greek Άρτεμης), goddess of the hunt, wilderness, moon and the chastity), and of her twin brother Apollo (in Greek Απόλλων), god of the sun, music and prophecy…and also the most handsome god of the Olympian Deities!
The ancient Cycladic culture flourished in these islands some 5000 years ago. Its best known type of artwork is the (commonly female) figurines carved in pure white marble.

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