Nausicaa and the little donkeys bag


Beach, swimming pool, sea, park, forest, mountain! In one word, it’s summer!

With the Nausicaa bag we really enjoy our days off. Very roomy, roughly 45 x 56 cm (don’t forget it’s handmade!), with handles 38 cm and a large inside pocket.
Fill it with what you need & what you love for happy sunny days!

Our patterns are printed on a 100% polyester canvas that makes the bags strong and steady. All our bags are fully lined with a 100% cotton fabric (colour may vary)

Let’s enjoy holidays season!

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You can machine wash your bag at 30° or by hand
Wash it alone or with similar colors
No bleach, No tumble, No ironing

Nausicaa (in Greek Ναυσικά, her name literally means “burner of ships” (… well, that’s a bit weird) is another character of Homer’s Odyssey. She was a princess of Phaeacia, last destination of Odysseus 10-year journey (remember, he needed another 10-year to finally arrived in Ithaca). Nausicaa helped Odysseus by providing him clothes (He was naked…but that’s another story!), food and drink. To avoid any rumours lest they are seen together, she counseled him to go alone to the palace of her father Alcinous and to ask for hospitality. While at Alcinous court Odysseus recounted much of what had happened to him during these past few years and the King provided him a new ship. According to Aristotle, Nausicaa later married Telemachus the son of Odysseus!

I chose to draw “Donkeys” (in Greek Γάιδαρος) pattern for one simple reason: I really love this animal! Who can resist their large ears and so sweet deep eyes?

The Greek donkey breeds are the Arcadian (from Peloponnese), the Ellinikon (meaning the greek) and the Cyprus. Donkeys had a proeminent role in Greece’s customs and traditions. They were a great help to human activity, specially in mountainous regions (which cover 80% of the country!). Even if the number of donkeys has very much diminished in the last 70 years, you can still meet them on many greek islands and in the countryside all over the country, for agriculture or for transporting goods, specially in places where vehicles are not allowed. Donkeys, as all animals, deserve respect and good treatment.

Enjoy our sweet donkeys bags during your sunny days!

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