Pack of 4 “so Greek” button pins


Here are my "so Greek" BUTTON PINS by pack of 4!

1. Greek expression Έλα (Ela is like C'mon or come on)!
2. Greek expression Όπα sticker (Opa is either a sound of acclaim in folk dance for example, or an exclamation word meaning Oops or Whoops) !
3. Greek expression Φτου Φτου (Ftou Ftou sound to ward off the evil eye)
4. The traditional shoes Tsarouchia (in Greek Τσαρούχια) are the shoes which are typically known nowadays because they are worn by the Evzones, the Greek presidential guards. The origin of those shoes goes back to Byzantine times. Until the 19th century, everybody was wearing in rural or urban areas. With the passage of time those shoes became part of folklore and you can see them, worn with traditional costumes during danse festivals or other special occasions.

These button pins are fun to pin it on your jacket, bags, pencil case, backpack, hat, shoes...! The shell is metallic and has a pin back. It's matte laminated, the size is 3.5 cm diameter. Handmade and designed in Greece!

I send the pins in a bubble wrap envelope (to protect them and the shipping cost is not excessive).

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