Pack of 5 stickers, it’s all Greek to me


Pack of 5 large stickers “It's all Greek to me"

1. Greek expression Άσε τα αχ και τα βαχ (Stop oohing and aahing). It has large dimensions (approximately 4.5 x 9.5 cm).
2. Greek expression Καλημέρα όλη μέρα (Have a nice day, the whole day). It has large dimensions (approximately 4 x 9.5 cm).
3. Greek expression Έλα (C'mon or come on). It has large dimensions (approximately 3.4 x 9.8 cm).
4. Greek expression Φτου Φτου (Ftou Ftou sound to ward off the evil eye). It has large dimensions (approximately 6 x 9.2 cm).
5. Greek expression Όπα sticker (Opa is either a sound of acclaim in folk dance for example, or an exclamation word meaning Oops or Whoops)! It has large dimensions (approximately 4,3 x 11,6 cm).

You can stick them everywhere you like, on your computer, window, mirror, car, agenda, fridge, .... you will certainly find the perfect place! They will bring joyful vibes when you will look at them! They are printed on a glossy plastic paper and are water resistant but not waterproof.

You can also buy them in single unit available on my site!

I send the stickers in an envelope (so the shipping cost is not excessive) with a hard cardboard to prevent bending.

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