Periptero – Greek large sticker


This cute Tsarouchia folk art pattern fabric purse has a zipper and its dimensions are roughly (it’s handmade!) 15cm x 15 cm! You can used it for carrying your money, your make-up, your keys or what ever you like. It's small and handy to take it with you or to put it in another bag!

Our patterns are printed on a 100% polyester canvas that makes the purse strong and steady. All our purses are fully lined with a 100% cotton fabric.

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I designed this kiosk (in Greek « περίπτερο ») with a touch of nostalgia for these traditional and so cute kiosks initially selling tobacco in Nafplion in 1828, then newspapers and later many other objects of everyday use.
Although big changes took place in more than 190 years, they are still an integral part of Greek life nowadays.
First of all the size & colour : from something like less than 1 square meter in 1914 to over 4 nowadays (with additional space for outside refrigerators!). Also the usual colour of the “peripteral” was yellow, easily visible in the street!
The licences : Already in 1889, but also after the 1rst and 2nd World War, the kiosks were a form of financial assistance to wounded soldiers and invalids who were granted the right to work, manage and later rent their stand.
From 2012 took place many changes with these licences granted at 70% to municipalities and 30% to people with special needs. Furthermore the licences could no longer bequeath or inherited.
Of course there are other reasons to that, it was also a way to collect taxes on tobacco and later to distribute the Greek press.
As to the items offered, to the early tobacco and newspapers were added candies, chewing-gums, chocolate, soft drinks etc to finally reach some 2500 codes!
Last but not least, since the middle of 1950’s, a popular service was provided : public telephone! and this was really a public utility for people who still didn’t have a telephone at home!



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