Thalassa towel


What do we love? Swimming in the sea!

Lie down and feel the warmth of the sun on this beautiful, 100% greek cotton, woven beach towel with its traditional fringes!The dimensions are 95cm x 160cm.

You can also wrap it around you and use it like a pareo. It’s light to carry and has a maximum absorption.

And the final touch, the so cute bag that comes with it (100% polyester) to store your swimming suit and beach towel, dry or wet!

Take a look at our collection of beach bags & pareos! You will discover some matching patterns!


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You can machine wash your bag at 40° or by hand
Wash it alone or with similar colors

No bleach, No tumble
ironing, if need be, at low temperature

When washed, the ecru color being the natural color of cotton and not tinted, will become lighter and the knot of the fringes will tighten a bit, it’s quite normal!

Thalassa is the greek word for “sea”. You maybe just learned a new word so easy to remember because for sure you know “thalassotherapy”! I got inspired by wave ornament friezes you can see in many ancient greek mosaics. Sea, waves & wind are fundamental elements of greek life. No place in Greece is more than 100 km from the sea, and in the Peloponnese and central Greece, this shrinks to less than 50 km! . As a matter of fact, there is no mountain in Greece from which the sea cannot be seen!

So, we can’t resist the beach appeal! Let’s go for a swim!

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