The Chania lighthouse in Crete Art Print


Illustration of the Chania Lighthouse, as usual, the art print is printed on high quality art paper Hahnmühle 310 gsm in white cotton! The size is 29.7x 21 cm.

All my reproductions are printed on the highest quality Hahnemühle paper (William Turner 310 gsm) in 100% white cotton. The paper is free from optical brighteners and is characterized by its unique feel and texture. Printed with no harmful chemicals.

Each print is packaged with silk paper, supported by carton for protection and shipped to you in a protective envelope. I can also use cardboard tubes depending on the size of the artwork.

All the prints are signed at the back with my name Marina Nicolaïdis and date. If you wish I can also write a personal dedication. You can tell me the text by message!


I have also a sticker from this illustration!

Designed and made in Greece with much❤️



About the illustration : With a height of 26m, the Chania lighthouse (in Greek Φάρος Χανίων) is situated at the entrance of the port of Chania in Crete.; on the base of a former naval post created by the Venetians to protect the city from Turks or pirates. Eventually in 1645, the Turks took control of the city and the lighthouse was left to ruins. Later, the Egyptian troops (aiding the Ottoman Empire in protecting Crete), rebuilt the lighthouse in 1864. But only the base of the original lighthouse remains. A fixed white light was installed in 1915, and as the lighthouse suffered damage in World War II it was fully refurbished in 2006.




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