Windmill sticker


Here is my typical Greek windmill sticker. The cylindrical windmills appeared in the windy Greece around the 12th and 13th century. They were used essentially to grind wheat, barley and corn into flour. Bread was and still is the basic food for many people in villages and countryside. The mill was built in stone, the straw roof was conic, and the sails were made of white triangular fabric set on wooden spar.

The dimensions are : 7 x 6 cm.

You can stick it everywhere you like, on your computer, window, mirror, car, agenda, fridge, you will certainly find the perfect place! It will bring joyful vibes when you will look at it!All my stickers are printed on a glossy plastic paper and is water resistant (no worry to stick them on your car for example) but not waterproof. I send the stickers in an envelope (so the shipping cost is not excessive) with a hard cardboard to prevent bending.

Designed and made in Greece with ❤️




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