Calypso and the anemones bag


Here we are! Finally in the nature!

The Calypso bag, with its large and colourful straps (66 cm long & 7 cm large) is very roomy! It measures roughly 39 x 44 cm (don’t forget it’s handmade) and has an inside pocket.
Fulfill your new bag and enjoy your outside leisures.

Our patterns are printed on a 100% polyester canvas that makes the bags strong and steady. All our bags are fully lined with a 100% cotton fabric.

Let’s relax and enjoy fresh air!

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You can machine wash your bag at 30° or by hand
Wash it alone or with similar colors
No bleach, No tumble, No ironing

Calypso (in Greek Καλυψώ) was a nymph, according to many sources daughter of the Titan Atlas. in Homer’s Odyssey, she is the one who kept Odysseus prisoner on her island for 7 years. Odysseus was desperate to get back home and see his wife again. The Goddess Athena, his divine counselor, calls upon her father Zeus, King of all the gods, for help. Zeus sent his messager, Hermes, to ask Calypso to set free Odysseus for it wasn’t his destiny to live with her forever. She was a goddess and he was a mortal. The nymph had no choice but to let him go and so provided him food and materials for a raft and let him continue his journey home.

The anemone blanda, named Anemone of Greece is a flowering plant native to the Balkans, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. The flower is blue, pink or white and looks like a daisy. Its name (in Greek άνεμώνη) can be translated as “girl of the wind”. And here are two stories that explain where that name comes from.

The myth of Adonis

Adonis was a very handsome man and the mortal lover of the goddess Aphrodite (and not only!). Ares, god of war, who was also Aphrodite’s lover and was very jealous of Adonis, decided to get revenge on him. During a hunt in which the young man participated, Ares sent a wild boar to attack him, hurting him mortally. Leaning over the dead body, Aphrodite was sobbing and her tears, mingled with the blood of her lover and the ground give birth to a plant : the Anemone or the Adonis Blooddrops (The ancients confused the two flowers, so, depending on the source of the myth it’s either one or the other).

The myth of the nymph Anemone

Anemone was a nymph loved by Zephyr, god of West Wind. Eventually the couple got caught by Zephir’s wife, Chloris, who got her revenge on her husband by transforming Anemone into a flower. It is said that Zephyr lost interest for the nymph then. But another god, felt in love with her flower shape, Boreas, the god of the North Wind.

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