Maxi fabric purse deer and goose


This cute deer and goose pattern fabric purse has a zipper and its dimensions are roughly (it’s handmade!) 15cm x 15 cm! You can used it for carrying your money, your make-up, your keys or what ever you like. It's small and handy to take it with you or to put it in another bag!

Our patterns are printed on a 100% polyester canvas that makes the purse strong and steady. All our purses are fully lined with a 100% cotton fabric.

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You can machine wash your purse at 30° or by hand
Wash it alone or with similar colors
No bleach, No tumble, No ironing
About the deer :
Artemis, goddess of forests and hills, is often depicted accompanied by a deer or a doe. Since childhood, Artemis wanted to be a huntress (and a midwife!). Her father Zeus, king of gods, granted her six wishes. One of those, which interests us right now, was to rule the mountains. Growing, she spent her girlhood seeking out the things she needed to become a huntress. She visited Pan, god of the wildlife, shepherds and flocks. He gave her seven female and six male dogs. She then captured six golden-horned deer to pull her chariot. She also got her silver (or gold!) bow and arrows made by the Cyclopes themselves.



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